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Lovato’s BJJ Featured on Oklahoma City News Station KFOR


It’s about time BJJ (brazilian jiu-jitsu) started getting some recognition in the Oklahoma City area!

As many BJJ practitioners are aware, jiu-jitsu doesn’t receive much attention.  The best thing to ever happen to brazilian jiu-jitsu is the UFC.  MMA brought jiu-jitsu to the USA.  Most people had never heard of it until Royce Gracie started choking people out in the cage.  Unfortunately, unless someone doesn’t follow MMA they still have no idea what brazilian jiu-jitsu is.  Luckily for us at Lovato’s BJJ and MMA, the local news station, KFOR, sent Bob Barry Jr. to do a segment on the academy!  Bob Barry Jr. is a renown sports newscaster in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro.  Hopefully this kind of media will create more interest in our academy and jiu-jitsu as a whole!



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