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ADCC Submission Wrestling Championship a Huge Success for Team Lovato

Submission WrestlingTeam Lovato did better than anyone could have predicted at the 2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship!

The ADCC Submission Wrestling Championship is the Olympics of brazilian jiu-jitsu.  However, you could almost qualify it as a separate sport entirely.  The ADCC rules are completely different and it’s all no-gi.  Sometimes the ADCC gold doesn’t go to the best BJJ practitioner, but the person who can play the ADCC rules the best.  It’s a great mix of sport and strategy that is exciting to watch.  This year Team Lovato had 4 representatives.  Rafael Lovato Jr., Justin Rader, James Puopolo, and Jared Dopp.  Lovato placed second in the 88kg division, Rader placed 3rd in the 66kg division, and Dopp placed 4th in the 99+ kg division.

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