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UFC 166 in October Looks Show Off All That Mixed Martial Arts Has to Offer

Mixed Martial Arts

It’s a few months away, but UFC 166 looks to be a great night of fights that could transcend expectations.  However, some of our team will not be able to watch since it will be in Houston on October 19th while they are competing in the ADCC in Beijing!  As top competitors we truly love watching mixed martial arts.

Dos Santos will face Velasquez for the third time inside the octagon to settle the score.  In case you didn’t know, Dos Santos won the first match by knockout, while Velasquez won a unanimous decision the second time.  Dos Santos will need to be on his toes in order to come out on top after being dominated by Velasquez in their last match.  The co-main even will be a match between undefeated Daniel Cormier and Roy “Big Country” Nelson.  This match has a very high probability of steal the show.  Nelson is a great grappler and has knockout power in his hands, but can he overcome an elite wrestler like Cormier, who also has amazing knockout power?  Nelson has won many submission wrestling tournaments but Cormier has been to the Olympics, he was at the top of his sport.  If you’re a mixed martial arts fan, you won’t want to miss this card!  For more info about the card and the fighters check out GraciMag or the UFC’s website.

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