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Rafael Lovato Jr. Promotes Nathan and Zach Adamson to Black Belt in BJJ


James Puopolo, Nathan Adamson, Rafael Lovato Jr., Zach Adamson

Big congratulations to our affiliates, the Adamson brothers, who teach at BJJ Seaside in Oregon.  They were promoted to black belt over the weekend and are taking the next step in their BJJ journey.

BJJ is an experience that lasts a lifetime.  It has been said that the real BJJ journey doesn’t begin until a person reaches black belt.  The Adamson brothers are now embarking on the real journey that will last for the rest of their lives.  These guys have definitely earned this coveted rank through ability to teach others while competing, and winning, all over the world.  They run a very successful school and take students to all the tournaments.  They also do well while competing at many of the big tournaments; Pan Ams, Worlds, Asian Open, Rome Open, European No-Gi, and Lisbon Open just to name a few.  They are certainly among the best Americans and have a bright future as black belts!

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