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Anderson Silva Loses at UFC 162, Anything Can Happen in MMA

MMAI suppose by now everyone has either seen the fight or heard the news, so I’m not worried about posting any spoilers.  Anything can happen in the world of MMA, that’s the fights exist.

Anderson has long been heralded as the best MMA fight of all time.  I have to concur with that statement due to his ability to make the best fighters look like clowns.  However, he is still human, and as such, is susceptible to making mistakes.  Chris Weidman is among the newer generation of UFC talent, but he had many impressive performances.  To think that he had no chance against Silva would be pure ignorance.  In fact, he is probably the most well rounded fighter to step in the octagon with Silva in quite some time.  With that being true, it is easy for Silva to get comfortable being untouchable.  He managed to get away with taunting many of his previous opponents because of his overwhelming skill.  While trying to “clown” Weidman, Silva was caught with a left hand that dropped him to the canvas.  Weidman took advantage of this opportunity and finished the long-time champ via knockout.  There is still no information being released of a possible rematch but you can bet Silva learned his lesson.

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