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Top Benefits Gained From Kid’s Martial Arts

Kid's Martial ArtsWe all know that kids are very impressionable and will exhibit behavior that they witness.  Make sure that your kids witness the correct behavior by enrolling them in Lovato’s kid’s martial arts program.  Our kid’s program is dedicated to teaching your child self-defense though the concepts of brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and muay thai.

At Lovato’s School of BJJ and MMA, your child will learn:

  • Determination and Dedication

  • Discipline and Confidence

  • Self-Defense

  • Increased Social Interaction

  • Improved listening skills and respect

  • Self-restraint

  • Working as a team

  • How to avoid confrontation

  • The importance of physical activity

There is really no limit to the lifetime benefits your child will receive by enrolling in our kid’s marital arts program.  So much though and attention is given to each kid so that they can have the best possible environment for learning marital arts.  Our kid’s martial arts program is also taught by No-Gi world champion Justin Rader.  We are one of the few places in the world that can make that claim.

Do you live in the Oklahoma City area (Norman, Edmond, etc.)? You should contact Lovato’s School of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiujitsu to get your child enrolled in our Kid’s Martial Arts program!

If you’re ready to get your son or daughter enrolled in our Kid’s Martial Arts program call 405-466-5255 or visit and find out about our 30 Day Free Trial.  Lovato’s School of BJJ and MMA is the perfect place and opportunity for your child to learn Kid’s Martial Arts.

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