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Start Learning Mixed Martial Arts at Lovato’s in OKC

Did you get a chance to watch UFC 159 last weekend?  Aside for a few matches that were ended by accidental eye pokes, it was an amazing display of mixed martial arts.  Did you happen to notice any fighters that looked out of shape (except Roy Nelson)?  Of course not!  Did you happen to notice anyone who looked like they couldn’t defend themselves in a self-defense scenario?  Again, of course you didn’t.

Mixed Martial ArtsYou might notice a trend if you have watched many UFC events.  Mixed martial artists always look like they’re in great shape and, obviously, they know how to fight.  Mixed Martial Arts training requires a lot of movement, striking, pushing and pulling that burns a lot of calories, and tones the body.  Consistent MMA training can cause drastic changes in your body, causing you to look and feel better.  Not only that, but mixed martial arts is the best form of self-defense training in existence.  MMA encompasses all effective forms of striking and grappling, making practitioners well rounded.  Consistent training can make you effective no matter where a fight may end up.

Do you live in the Oklahoma City area (Norman, Edmond, etc.)? You should contact Lovato’s School of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiujitsu to learn Mixed Martial Arts today!

If you’re ready to start training Mixed Martial Arts call 405-466-5255 or visit and find out about our 30 Day Free Trial.  Lovato’s School of BJJ and MMA is the perfect place and opportunity to learn Mixed Martial Arts.

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